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Nickel Bay Nick, by Dean Pitchford

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nickel bay nickFirst off, let me get this out there: this is a Christmas story. I know, right? Who would want to read a Christmas story in the middle of summer? I thought the same thing until I read Nickel Bay Nick. The story is so heartwarming that you tend to forget it takes place during the holiday season.

11-year-old Sam Brattle, our main character, lives in the small, economically depressed town of Nickel Bay. He is a complex kid who likes making trouble all over with leadership from his older friends, Jaxon and Ivy. Sam’s done a lot of bad things around town such as shoplifting, vandalism, even malicious pranks. Sam’s parents are no longer together; his mother has moved away and started her new life with her new family. His misfortunes will create such sympathy that you can’t help but root for him throughout the story.

Every year, the people of Nickel Bay looks forward to finding hundred dollar bills in the most unexpected places. No one knows who this Good Samaritan is, they nicknamed him “Nickel Bay Nick”. Unfortunately, this year, Nickel Bay Nick is a no show and this makes citizens of Nickel Bay disappointed. What happened to Nickel Bay Nick? This is where Sam’s adventure begins. When Sam “accidentally” meets his mysteriously rich neighbor, Mr. Wells, he has a chance to redeem himself. Who is this Mr. Wells and what could he possibly want with Sam?

“From above, I hear the ri-i-i-ipping noise of metal scraping against wood, and somewhere along the way, I let go of the angel. Every branch I drop onto breaks my fall a little, and then what really saves me from a crash landing on the cold, hard ground is that stack of fake Christmas presents” – Nickel Bay Nick

This is only the beginning, check out Nickel Bay Nick for the rest of Sam’s adventure!

Just for funsies: Holiday stories in books and movies often have the theme of saving a community’s Christmas. Can you think of any others?

Check the PPLC Catalog for Nickel Bay Nick.

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