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suggestions from the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library at Pinellas Park

Extraordinary Means, by Robyn Schneider

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extraordinary schneiderTuberculosis is back and this new strain is incurable. It’s a nationwide epidemic and sanatoriums are opening up everywhere. Latham House is a special sanatorium for teenagers that is really just part boarding school and part hospital. The kids are encouraged to go to class where the assignments don’t matter and there’s never any homework. Their education isn’t really progressing because no one actually expects them to get any better. Most kids don’t even bother getting out of their pajamas. But, big surprise, there is one group of really cool kids that go to the movie nights in prom clothes, sneak out into the woods to buy booze, and steal the library’s wifi! It’s all very scandalous. Sadie is sort of the ring leader of this group of quirky kids. She’s been at Latham House almost longer than anyone else and doesn’t seem to be in a rush to recover. Sadie likes being the interesting girl here in their small, highly monitored world. Enter Lane, the academic overachieving love interest who is just crushed that TB is going to ruin his GPA. He’s hoping that scientists find a cure quickly so that is meticulously planned life can go on unaltered. Attracted to the formerly mentioned gang of rowdies, Lane joins their ranks and almost instantly fits in. Sadie and the others teach him how to let loose and just enjoy the life they have, no matter how short it may be.

This little book was a perfect rainy day read. It’s depressing in all the right ways and fit all the YA niches it was supposed to. Slightly predictable but pretty entertaining I recommend this title to fans of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars and to those who just love tragic, angst-filled teenage romance novels.

Check the PPLC Catalog for Extraordinary Means.

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