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The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, by Stephen King

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bazaarbagdreamsking-Alright, I’m late to the party again. This was my first Stephen King read. After finishing everything his son, Joe Hill, has ever written I figured it was time to read some King.

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is a collection of short stories, some never published before and some newly revised but all originally published after 2009. As it was my first introduction to King’s writing, I loved his introductions to the stories. Knowing just a little bit about his writing/thought process or where he was borrowing a writing style from really added some depth to the pieces. My favorites would have to be Morality, Bad Little Kid and Obits. Obits in particular struck a nerve. It’s about a writer for an Internet gossip site who specializes in writing terribly mean obituaries for celebrities. He gains popularity but it is ultimately denied a pay increase by his boss. When he, in frustration, writes an obit for her and the next day discovers her dead under similar circumstances, he questions if he’s gained some sort of dark power.

Since reading this collection I have gone on to read ‘Salem’s Lot and The Green Mile. Getting to see King’s writing progression from the seventies to the nineties to now is really striking. Of course, looking back at these short stories after reading the others I realize they are still so Stephen King. I recommend this title to fans of Stephen King, Joe Hill, and spooky stories.

Check the PPLC Catalog for The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

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