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suggestions from the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library at Pinellas Park

The Others (2001)

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others coverBertha, Edmund, and Lydia are the newest and only servants in Grace Stewart’s regal country home. Grace is a harsh employer, demanding strict adherence to her house rules. But Grace has good reason to be a taskmistress: her two children, Anne and Nicholas, have a unique illness that requires them to be in constant darkness. Exposure to sunlight causes them physical pain.

Grace is currently in dire straits. World War II not only took her husband, but her wealth as well. Her home, once filled with people and decoration, is now mostly barren, save the essentials. With this tense, stark atmosphere, it is a small wonder that her children are acting out and claiming to see invisible people. However, as the days draw on, Grace wonders if what the children see could be real.

Some might rate this as a mediocre film, but it strongly appeals to all of my sensibilities. It features a scared, sad mother in a large beautiful house, which is not only my favorite plot line but also a recurring theme in Spanish horror movies. The Others has few effective jump scares, opting instead to focus on the growing hysteria and loneliness of the characters, which in turn builds empathy and heightens the anxiety. If you are in the mood for an eerie movie with a Gothic flair, you should definitely check out The Others.

Check the PPLC Catalog for The Others.

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