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Bindi Babes, by Narinder Dhami

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bindi babes dhamiAmber, Jazz and Geena are three sisters on top of the world. They wear designer clothes and always have the latest tech; it is obvious why they rule their school. The girls have everything they could ever want, except for maybe their mother. Last year, after their mom passed away, their dad fell into a stupor and started working long hours, leaving the run of the house to his daughters. The girls opted to take advantage of dad’s new pushover status and now do whatever they want, as long as they keep their grades up. To the girls, the situation is ideal, except… they do miss their mom. The silver lining to all this is that whenever they get sad, they can always fill that raw gaping hole in their hearts with more new clothes!

Unfortunately for Amber, Jazz, and Geena, a dark cloud looms over the horizon that threatens to spoil their new lifestyle. The cloud comes in the form of their overbearing Auntie, who has flown all the way from India with the intent of whipping her widower brother, and her sassy nieces, into shape. The girls have only one option: Convince some patsy to marry their terrible Auntie and get things back to the status quo ASAP!

The best part of this book is how well the characters were written. Dhami does a masterful job of painting each character so delicately that it is hard for me to really dislike any of them, even when they are at their worst. The story is told in a way that hints to something more just beneath the surface of the words. The characters’ materialism, stubbornness, or stoicism never seems one-dimensional. This propelled the plot forward, getting me hooked, and keeping me wondering “what else are they thinking?” The story in narrated by 12-year old Amber, the middle child. She is wonderfully childish, immature, and the perfect narrator to appeal to younger kids and pre-teens alike.

This is a light-hearted story with some bittersweet moments. It concludes with a predictable happily-ever-after-ish ending, but I loved every minute of it and recommend it to anyone aged 10 or up wanting a good read.

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