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So You Want to be a Wizard, by Diane Duane

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so you want to be a wizard duaneWho hasn’t occasionally taken sanctuary in a library? Nita Callahan escapes some bullies by running into her home-town library and is concealed by a friendly librarian.  A typical “book nerd,” Nita knows the collection by heart, so she’s surprised to find a new book in the career series “So You Want to be a…” This new title offers her a career opportunity she never expected.

Nita borrows the book and learns that the “Powers that be” are engaged in a struggle against the Lone Power for the fate of the universe. Wizards take an oath to fight the Lone Power when they gain their powers. By using “the Speech,” wizards can affect the world around them.

Nita makes typical youthful mistakes as she, along with a young wizard friend, learn how to control their powers.  This leads them to encounters with older wizards and soon embroils them in a battle with the Lone Power.  The battle careens across realities as Nita, her friends, and friendly entities they encounter work to quell the growing strength of the Lone Power moving into our reality.

With a strong message of compassion and empathy towards one’s enemies, and doing the right thing, no matter how difficult, So You Want to be a Wizard is at once educational and fun, with accomplished world-building and engaging characters.  It is the first in an excellent series following the adventures of Nita and her friends.

Check the PPLC Catalog for So You Want to be a Wizard.

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