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suggestions from the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library at Pinellas Park

It Follows (2014)

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it follows coverJay is a very beautiful girl who has dated a number of boys in her nineteen years of life. Her most current beau is Hugh, who seems strong, handsome, and a little bit sad. After Jay has sex with Hugh in the back seat of his car, he shares his dark secret.

Hugh is being followed by something. He has no idea what It looks like, because It appears as a new person each time he sees It. It relentlessly stalks him at a slow pace. If It catches up with him, It will kill him. The worst part of this is, now that he has slept with Jay, he has passed It on to her. It will follow Jay until she, in turn, passes It along to someone else through sex. Skeptical at first, Jay tries as best she can to forget Hugh, but when she begins seeing visions of a slow moving stalker, she enlists the help of her younger sister and her friends, in hopes of finding a way to destroy whatever It is.

This is a wonderful concept for a horror movie, combining the adult anxiety about death with the childish fear of being followed, and throws in some Freudian sexual terrors to boot. The effect is a beautiful film that is as uncomfortable as it is unnerving. My favorite part of the film is definitely It. The viewer learns nothing about where It comes from, or Its motivations. It is an unrelenting force that could appear as anyone. Instead of an over-the-top monster or ghost, It Follows features a very subtle and mysterious antagonist who is supremely frightening.

Check the PPLC Catalog for It Follows.

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