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Hello Goodbye Hello, by Craig Brown

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hello goodbye hello coverHello Goodbye Hello tells how the celebrated, gifted, and despicable got along famously, disastrously, or indifferently with each other. Author and satirist Craig Brown describes true encounters of the famous meeting the famous such as:

Marilyn Monroe meets Nikita Krushchev
President Richard Nixon meets Elvis Presley
Salvador Dali meets Sigmund Freud
The Duchess of Windsor meets Adolf Hitler
Mark Twain meets Helen Keller
Madonna meets Michael Jackson

With his usual wit, Craig Brown adds more coincidence to these tales: “…To lend a pattern to a book that revolves around chance and to insert a note of order into the otherwise haphazard, I have described each of the 101 meetings in exactly 1001 words, which makes Hello Goodbye Hello 101,101 words long. The acknowledgements, prefacing notes, note to the U.S. edition, book description, authors biography, and the list of my other books each consist of 101 words, as does this note.”

The incidents, accidents, introductions, and stories relayed within this collection are anecdotal, ironic, and even fortuitous. Many of these encounters seem unlikely, but are true.

“Everything in this book is documented,” Craig Brown writes. “Nothing is invented. When accounts of the same meeting differ, as they almost always do, I have sided with the most likely.”

Hello Goodbye Hello is a good example of truth being stranger than fiction. Had one or more of these encounters NOT happened or even ended differently, how changed might the world be?

Check the PPLC Catalog for Hello Goodbye Hello.

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