Books in the Park

suggestions from the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library at Pinellas Park

The Divide by Matt Taibbi

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the divide taibbi coverTaibbi reexamines the white-collar crimes committed by those in the financial and banking industries brought to light in 2008, while adding new and detailed research as to how and why most were not charged with any crime. Taibbi’s purpose is to juxtapose the crimes of the multi-millionaires involved in the economic crisis with those of minorities and the poor. He points to a multitude of examples of obvious injustice and outright prejudice against those needing government assistance or living in poverty. Taibbi interviews victims of undercover police sweeps where black men and women were snatched off the street and thrown in the back of a van where they wait hours to be charged with a crime they did not commit. The Divide provides account after account of illegal immigrants targeted and detained until they can be deported to their home country. One man was deported to Mexico when he was actually from Columbia; no real research or representation is given to these people who may be sent back to a country penniless and surrounded by violence.

I recommend this title to everyone. Yes, it upset me, but the injustice that is occurring across the United States is upsetting. Taibbi does not seem to be without hope despite the surmounting evidence of mistreatment. If we all fight together to end harmful legislation that targets minorities and the poor, we can change the system and get the real criminals behind bars.

Check the PPLC Catalog for The Divide.

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