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suggestions from the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library at Pinellas Park

The Song of the Sea (2014)

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song of the sea coverI adore folk tales, which is why this movie appealed to me so much. One of my favorite mythical creatures are selkies: beautiful people who transform into seals. So it stands to reason that I would absolutely love a movie about selkies. Ben’s family used to be a happy one, but on the night that his little sister, Saoirse, was born, Ben’s mother suddenly fled into the ocean and drowned. Ben’s father blamed himself for his wife’s death, and fell into a depressed stupor, while Ben blamed Saoirse and has bullied his little sister for as long as she can remember. As much as Ben hates his sister, he hates his Granny more, especially after she packs both children up and moves them to the city “for their own good”. Just as Ben is scheming a caper to ditch his sister, run away, and live a happy, Saoirse-free life with his father, three earth spirits arrive and claim that Saoirse is the last selkie in existence, and the world will suffer unless Saoirse can sing for them. Ben soon finds himself pulled into an adventure that involves evil witches, weeping giants, ghost hounds, and of course, selkies. This is a beautiful family movie, the artwork and story are both spectacular. The film is primarily created using traditional animation, which makes the film visually stunning. Complex patterns reminiscent of celtic art pepper the film, the backgrounds of many scenes are flattened out making the film appear more like an illustration than a moving picture. The story itself is a touching family film, but it can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Check the PPLC Catalog for Song of the Sea.

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