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The Librarian (2004)

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* This suggestion is part of our National Library Week 2015 series. To celebrate libraries everywhere, we are posting a library-related suggestion every day this week. *

The world is a dangerous place, but don’t worry.  You the librarian covercan sleep easy tonight knowing there is a group of people on the front lines keeping us safe.

“Who are these brave men and women who face untold danger so I can slumber safely in my bed?” You ask. “The police, the Marines?”

No, the Librarians.

“How can a librarian keep me safe?  Pummel bad guys with books?”

You see, the world is full of magic, monsters, mystery, and miscreants. These miscreants want to abuse the magic and use the monsters for their own nefarious purposes.  Often, the magic exists in the form of artifacts that contain mysterious powers.  These artifacts must be kept out of the hands of the miscreants and stored safely in the Library. This is the job of the Librarians.

The franchise, if you can call it that, began in 2004 with The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, a made-for-TV movie on TNT.  Noah Wyle stars as Flynn Carson, a hapless career student who becomes the next Librarian to save the world – even though he doesn’t want the job.  That first movie was followed by The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines in 2006 and then The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice in 2008.  This last fall, TNT decided to make a series out of the movies.  They added Rebecca Romijn as the Librarian’s guardian and John Larroquette as the curmudgeonly annex caretaker.  To make it even more interesting, they added three new apprentice librarians.

The movies and series are sort of an Indiana Jones meets Warehouse 13 with a little Doctor Who wackiness thrown in.  Dave, our own library’s Assistant Director, described it as, “fun, but fluff,” which is a good label for these kind of shows.  They are good, entertaining family fare.  All my kids, aged 10-20, love the movies and the show, as do my wife and I.  So give The Librarians a try and gain a new respect for those of us who carry the name and tradition of librarian.

Check the PPLC Catalog for The Librarian.

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