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suggestions from the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library at Pinellas Park

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

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dark places coverWhen Libby Day was just seven years old, she survived the unthinkable: the murders of her mother and two sisters in a ritualistic manner that resembled a satanic sacrifice. During the investigation, Libby is quick to accuse her brother of the murders. Ben Day was a troubled teenager who fancied heavy metal music, black hair dye, and hanging with older kids interested in animal murders. He was eventually convicted of the horrific crime and sent to prison.

Twenty five years later, the media attention has faded and with it the money Libby was receiving from sympathetic parties. When she receives a letter from a man interested in paying her for an interview, she finds herself drawn into the dark and mysterious world of the Kill Club. The Kill Club is a ragtag group of people who revel in hearing about the macabre details of high-profile murder cases. What starts as a way to earn some cheap cash it turns into an emotional, dangerous, and dark exploration of what really happened on the night of the Day murders.

Like Gone Girl and Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn has created an incredibly nuanced anti-hero. This book was no walk in the park and definitely makes you think about the media circus that surrounds many high-profile cases and the assumptions that are made—not just by the media but by the community as a whole.

Check the PPLC Catalog for Dark Places.

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