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suggestions from the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library at Pinellas Park

Amelie (2001)

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amelie coverAmelie, starring Audrey Tautou, is a French film subtitled in English. It’s definitely worth the effort for those of you who just sighed. Adorably quirky, romantic, and fun, I’d recommend this title to fans of romantic comedies and indie films.

Amélie grew up isolated from her peers after her eccentric parents are led to believe she has a heart defect. Forced to spend her early years alone, Amélie develops an elaborate imagination wherein she escapes the loneliness of everyday life. After her mother dies suddenly and tragically, Amélie’s father becomes a recluse and barely leaves his home. Amélie, not content to spend the rest of her life indoors, decides to get a job as a waitress. There she meets a whole cast of eccentric people not unlike herself.

After tracking down the owner of some long lost keepsakes and moved by the man’s heartfelt response, Amélie vows to make everyone’s lives a little happier. Along the way she builds friendships and finds love.

This film has won a host of awards and, as of this posting, is the highest grossing French film in the United States. Definitely worth a watch.

Check the PPLC Catalog for Amelie.

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