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Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson


steelheartImagine there are people who suddenly manifest incredible powers that make them neigh invulnerable.  Now imagine they’re all evil.  This is the world of Epics, where there are no superheroes, only supervillains.

Epics (what these super-powered people are called) have taken over the world, ruling their individual enclaves in a “might makes right” fashion.  David Charleston is an ordinary teenager living in Newcago, formerly Chicago, but now the empire of an Epic named Steelheart.  Steelheart is supposedly invulnerable. No blade can cut him, no bullet can hurt him, and no explosion can burn him. David’s had a grudge against Steelheart ever since the Epic killed David’s father. But during the murder, David witnessed something that could bring down the entire empire: he saw Steelheart bleed.

David alone knows that Steelheart can be killed, so he brings this information to the only people who could help him avenge his father: the Reckoners.

Sanderson once again creates a world that is compelling and suspends disbelief. The characters are fleshed out and interesting, and the plot is well-written and moves forward quickly, with the action building steadily until, like a caper movie with many moving parts, the story comes to a thrilling conclusion.

Check the PPLC Catalog for Steelheart.

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