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suggestions from the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library at Pinellas Park

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

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sharp-objects-book-coverCamille Preaker, recently released from psychiatric care, is a struggling reporter living in Chicago. Haunted by her bizarre childhood and the death of her sister years before, Camille must return to her hometown of Wind Gap to cover a story about the serial murders of two young girls who were found strangled and with all of their teeth removed. While in town, Camille reconnects with her half sister Amma, a troubled and beautiful thirteen year old girl who spends her days playing with a delicate doll house and her nights consuming hard drugs and partying. Amma, like her mother Adora, has the entire town enthralled with her every action, waiting and wanting to be loved by her. When not acquiescing to the whims of her mother and sister, Camille must navigate through wakes, parties, and awkward social gatherings to obtain interviews from the locals, some of whom were old friends. Desperate not to fall back into her old habits, Camille self-medicates with alcohol to function on even a basic level. Through gossip and drunken investigation, Camille eventually uncovers the truth behind the murders and her own family’s twisted past.

A real psychological thriller, Sharp Objects had me flipping through the pages like hitting the “next” button on a Netflix marathon. But that shouldn’t be surprising given the author’s other work, Gone Girl. I recommend Sharp Objects to anyone who loves dark thrillers and can stomach the gruesome.

Check the PPLC Catalog for Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

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