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Tales for a Winter’s Night by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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* This suggestion is part of our Sweater Weather Reads series. On Twitter @BSPLibrary #sweaterweatherreads, we’ll be posting cool suggestions to snuggle up with all winter long. Got a frosty favorite? We’d love to hear from you. *

tales for a winters nightBack in the day, before the Internet and television and even radio, people entertained themselves and each other by reading and telling stories. Imagine sitting around a warm fire with the wind howling outside. The glow from the flames is your only light and it casts spectral shadows all around. You huddle close with your family around the fire, both for warmth and to hear Grandma as she tells the tales that she learned so many years before in the same manner as you are now.

Many of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories were probably read in this fashion. Doyle is incredibly famous for creating the character of Sherlock Holmes, but he also wrote many other stories. Most of the stories he wrote were originally published in The Strand magazine, as were the Holmes tales. Eight of these stories, published in 1898 and 1899, have been collected into a book entitled Tales for a Winter’s Night.

These are mystery stories, although they do not feature Sherlock Holmes. They do have a bit of the Holmes flavor, though. They are entertaining and puzzling, as that type of tale should be. It is fun to try to figure out the clues that Doyle gives to see if you can come to the correct solution before he reveals it. The other nice thing is that each story can be easily read in a short sitting, so you will not have to put the book down right when it gets interesting. You will, however, want to read the next story as soon as you finish one.

Check the PPLC Catalog for Tales for a Winter’s Night.

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