Books in the Park

suggestions from the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library at Pinellas Park

The Warded Man by Peter V Brett

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Fans of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series might want to pay special attention here. As far as epic fantasies go, Peter V. Brett made a fantastic debut with The Warded Man. I highly recommend this book (and the rest in the Demon Cycle series) to all those suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawl.

When the sun goes down, demons rise from the Core of the earth to wreak havoc on humankind. The only protection humans have are runes called “wards” that repel demon magic and keep the vicious creatures from overrunning what little of the human race survives.

But Arlen, a young farmer, is not content to hide behind wards. After tragedy strikes his family, he sets out to end the demon war once and for all.

With a knack for vivid world-building, author Peter V. Brett does an excellent job of introducing the reader to the land of Thesa, as well as a hefty cast of likeable characters, without bogging down the plot. The pages flew by, and the ending left me scrambling for the next installment.

Check the PPLC Catalog for The Warded Man.

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